Melbourne, Surfing & Koalas

Sarah and I flew back to Melbourne on Jan. 27th to meet up with a friend of hers, Megan, whom she’d met volunteering at "The Lodge" in B.C. a few years ago. Megan’s a great laugh and avid surfer… we knew we were in for some fun!

Some of you may have heard that Melbourne just had a NASTY heat snap of +40 degree weather. Sarah and I landed in it.

One afternoon we headed to nearby St. Kilda beach. We hid out on a beach patio where the girls had their butts whipped at Scrabble by yours truly. [He won by 4 points! – Sarah] That night as Megan rocked out to a nearby Ani Difranco (pronounced "Ahhhhnee") Sarah and I watched "The Goonies" under the stars on the rooftop patio at St. Kilda Baths! Great movie that… didn’t realize Cory Feldman had such a filthy mouth on him.

Here’s a photo of the sunset we witnessed…

The next night we went to nearby Castlemaine to see some of her friends in a great production of "Little Shop of Horrors" where upon I enjoyed 2 hours of heated debate at the cast party with that most dangerous of creatures the "Nearly-Rich-and-therefore-Very-Self-Important Financial Guy." It wasn’t my fault though, while minding my own business looking for the toilet-tree, he specifically asked me "So how would you fix the world?" I was sure to confirm he wanted to bring me into their discussion and I even asked him to repeat the question before spewing forth a few brilliant ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and was relieved to see a few others agree that he was part of the problem. He was clearly a shit disturber but did offer us all a ride home in his very comfortable BMW… which was an adventure in itself.

The next few days were spent driving up The Great Ocean Road with Megan, who did a great job as tour guide and surf instructor. We have no photos of the surfing but DID manage to capture (photos of) a few Koalas along the road! Beginning our lessons at Barwon Heads, near Torquay, we moved up the coast and even surfed at Johanna – a rather expert location I’m lead to believe!

I’ve always held that the best experiences of traveling are the strangers you meet along the way and Mark and Stefan at Johanna was no exception! After setting up camp Megan started chatting to Mark, a fellow surfer, and soon we were on our way to his place for dinner, along with Stefan, another traveler driving around Australia in a fully insulated, fully decked out, home made 4WD aluminum bus! The five of us enjoyed some great food, fantastic wine and the kind of enlightening philosophical discussion you seem to only have with complete strangers. Weird that, isn’t it?

As instructed in every good tourism brochure we were sure not to miss the 12 Apostles (now 11 I believe…) further up the coast before returning back to a slightly cooler Melbourne.

Check out the photos!


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