Farewell New Zealand!

Our two week drive through the South Island came to an end on Jan. 27th as we fly back to Australia to see Sarah’s friends in Melbourne.

The last 2 days of the trip were spent mainly in the campervan driving back the 500 Kms to Christchurch. Sorry we didn’t take many photos except this one – looking North up Lake Pukaki towards Mount Cook, the tallest mountain on the island.

Looking back, there really is nowhere we’ve seen quite as beautiful as New Zealand. We’d heard this from many people but I’m not sure we could have imagined it. The people are very very friendly, a bit more ‘British’ than in Oz perhaps, but with with a much more laid back ‘island’ feel to them than their English counterparts.

I was also really impressed by the relations between the indigenous Maoris and whatever you wish to call those that have ‘settled’ the island… a contentious subject in most parts of the world in and of itself! In New Zealand the Maoris seem comfortably ‘integrated’ in to ‘our’ way of life, while still for the most part able to hold true to ‘their’ way of life and cultural interests. The ‘non-indigenous’ citizens (i.e. Europeans) seem to not just accept the Maoris, but also respect their cultural contributions, historical significance and their views of life which seems a refreshing change.

Sorry there aren’t any other photos for this entry, but we have some GREAT ones of the Australian Outback coming up… stay tuned!  🙂


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