Sarah’s Birthday @ Deerpark Heights

Some of you may know, Sarah’s a bit of a nature and animal nut so it seemed appropriate that on her birthday we spend the day at Deerpark Heights. Located just across an inlet  from Queenstown, Deerpark Heights as a HUGE area of private land which has become a wild life safari, regular film shooting location (not JUST for LOR), and  presents some more stunning views of the Queenstown area.

After awaking to a view only angels could fart out, we hit Queenstown for a slap up breakfast and drove to the Heights. The pictures show the assortment of animals, LOR shooting sights and the remains of a Chinese prison camp from the 1980’s Disney film “The Rescue”. True to form, Sarah had to pet and feed every animal in the park, including a rather large Elk (despite the warnings) who decided the quickest way to the feed bucket was through the feeder. I’m pleased to say that both Sarah and the elk walked away shaken, but unscathed. Sarah may try to convince you it was my fault for encouraging her to lift his head for a better photograph, but I hold that it was sunspots and his desire to give her a birthday kiss.  Really.

check out the photos!


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