THE most beautiful part of New Zealand (so far)

Leaving Wanaka, we continued South towards Queenstown.

For those of you who like (and can afford) bungie jumping, whitewater rafting, helicopter rides, and leaping out of perfectly good aircraft etc, Queenstown is for you.

Driving through Queenstown, taking care to not run over the (adrenaline) junkies littering the streets, we headed north to Glenorchy (admittedly for another Lord of the Rings (abbrv. "LOR" I gather) location, "Isengard, Lothloren, the Misty Mountains and Amon Hen.)

*ahem* I would like to point out that it was Sarah, not I, who wanted to see these places… I prefer “Mists of Avalon” myself…  mind you, the dude with the bow and arrow is particularly dreamy.

While Glenorchy itself is fairly uninspiring, the drive to it is absolutely breathtaking. Bending around on the cliff edge with Lake Wakatipu to your left  and the Richardson mountains to your right you are met with views you simply can’t believe truly exist in nature. We were literally giggling with excitement as each turn presented us with vistas more beautiful than that last. Naturally, photos rarely capture the beauty as our eyes can so you’ll just have to trust me on this one… but if you can, take the drive, preferably in a convertible and on a sunny day. Wow.

Out of curiosity we followed one of the many gravel pull-offs and found a gravel lookout (LOOKOUT!) with a view up the lake and Mount Earnslaw’s peak visible in the distance. Amazingly the spot was void of travelers and, as it was Sarah’s birthday-eve, it seemed the ideal spot to park for the night. After an amazing sunset, we lay out under the stars and eventually fell asleep to the sound of angels laughing and fairies playing with unicorns in the water below.

check out the photos!


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