Sheep have TAILS??

Our photo journey through New Zealand contnues as we head south through the Blue Pools at Makarora, and then for a relaxing night at Lake Wanaka. Resembling Jasper, the picturesque town of Wanaka has a very down to earth feel which, it seems, you have to be fairly wealthy to afford… isn’t it always the way?

Have you ever heard of Burnt Ends? This is a Kansas City delicacy made by continuously burning a hung of beef, while shaving off the "burnt ends" into a vat of BBQ sauce. The burnt, saucy concoction is then tossed on to bread, served up with backed beans and washed down with a few good beers. Fantastic. Turns out Jeff from Kansas City has moved to Wanaka, opened a BBQ bar and is serving it up live and well. Yummy.

To walk this lovely, if heavy, delicacy off, we decided to hike "up" Roys Peak on the Skyline Track. It was actually more like "back and forth" than "up" as we were forced to follow switchbacks for a very long time. A VERY long time. The first half of the trek took us through private land littered with "Sheep on Hills" and as the photographic evidence shows, SHEEP HAVE TAILS!? We’d heard of ‘tail docking’ earlier on this trip – the process in which you remove a lamb’s tail and scar their (if you’ll excuse the expression) anus thus preventing the growth of butt hair which impedes the animal’s ability to remain, er, clean, and therefore reduces their chances of picking up some rather nasty infections in their nether regions – but didn’t realize just how docked they were! The picture here shows how god intended them to look. They have wooly TAILS!?!

By the way, we’ve invented a great (we think) traveling game…

When traveling, it is inevitable that a number of questions come up you don’t have answers for, such as What is the difference between a fruit and vegetable; What was the name of the actress who starred in Whale Rider; or How do you pronounce "Uruwhenua"? As in Trivial Pursuit, you earn a piece of pie by finding out (without Google’s help…!) the correct (or at least most acceptable) answer to these questions throughout the rest of your trip…. well, you have to talk about something on the road don’t you??

*ahem* Do we have any sheep experts out there? This is for a green piece of pie….

Are sheep ‘naturally’ as wooly as they are today or are they only this wooly because of human cross-breeding and manipulation? i.e. if sheep had been left alone years ago and their tails left intact, would they still have these ass issues or do they only get wooly bottoms from of our making them more wooly and thus giving them tails they can’t deal with without our, er, help?

FYI, Wanaka was the shooting scene for "South Rivendale’s Rough Country" and "The High Peaks of Moria"… very exciting stuff.

check out the photos!


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